Last weekend we had once again a huge pleasure to play at one of the biggest festivals in the world, Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival. The festival was honoring Johannes Brahms on the 125th jubilee of his death, therefore we played our concert program Brahms Within, with our version of his Chorals and 16 Walzes Op.39. It was magical experience for us to play in the full churches in Nusse and Föhr.


Last week we had such a great time at our sold-out openair concert in Schlüsselfeld at Kissinger Sommer Festival, which was our second appearance, two seasons in a row. Thanks to the intendant Alexander Steinbeis and the beautiful audience at this amazing festival.


We had beautiful four days and three concerts at Istanbul Music Festival this week, at the biggest classical music festival in Turkey. This was our second visit in Istanbul, but this time we presented our East West program. We also had nice time in the Austrian Konsulate on the Bosphorus.


As a part of our featured ensemble nomination by Jeunesse Austria, we will be playing our version of Bach’s Goldberg Variations next week in Casino Baumgarten in Vienna. It is always an extraordinary feeling to play this legendary piece.


Almost one year ago we asked one of our favorite composers, Wojtek Chałupka, if he could write a concerto for saxophone, accordion and symphonic orchestra. Last night we had the biggest joy, honor and pleasure to play this concerto “The Ancient Night” in the full Big Hall of Wiener Musikverein. The words can not describe how lucky and excited we felt to play this terrific music with an amazing Wiener Jeunesse Orchestra and conductor Herbert Böck. The performance was also recorded by Ö1 and will be broadcasted in few weeks. Thanks to everyone who made this concert possible. It is a true recognition for our instruments to appear in this legendary hall.


We are happy that this concert season is filled with many new projects, versatile concerts and trips to some places we have never been before. Until the beginning of the next season, we will be playing at festivals and venues such as Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, Kissinger Sommer, Erftkreiszyklus, Kempen Klassik, Konzert Theater Coesfeld, Kunsthaus Wäldchen, Istanbul Music Festival, Casino Baumgarten. We will be also playing in Norway, Spain and Egypt for the first time. Besides our concert program East West, we will be also playing our version of Goldberg Variations, we will premiere our concert program Brahms Within, as well as make music together with Paweł Gusnar on stage. We are most looking forward to our concert in the Big Hall of Wiener Musikverein with WJO, where we will premiere a concerto for saxophone, accordion and symphonic orchestra by Wojtek Chałupka.


We are very happy to share some great news. We are nominated by the Jury of the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) in the chamber music category, with our latest CD East West. We are so proud of our work put into this production and would like to thank everyone who took part in it.


We are very happy and excited to work again with Ensemble Neue Streicher and it’s conductor Azis Sadikovic, this time as soloists performing Bach’s Double Concerto and Piazzolla’s Three Pieces for Chamber Orchestra. On stage in Klosterneuburg and Steiermark in just one week.


As a part of our homage to the 100th jubilee since the birth of Astor Piazzolla, we invited our friend and polish saxophonist Paweł Gusnar to join us on stage in playing his iconic Four seasons of Buenos Aires, in our arrangement for two saxophones and accordion. Our first concerts will be at St. Wenceslas Music Festival in Ostrava (CZ), followed by performances in Austrian Cultural Forum in Bratislava and in Norway.


We were very excited to play our East West program at one of the biggest festivals in Austria, at Grafenegg, in front of an amazing audience, just before the legendary Mnozil Brass. We had a blast.

Jeunesse Featured Ensemble 2021/22

We are happy to announce that Duo Aliada is named a Jeunesse Featured Ensemble of the 2021/22 artistic season, during which we will perform several concerts ranging from a debut with Jeunesse Symphonic Orchestra in the Große Musikvereinssaal in Vienna, to chamber music concerts and educational projects. We are thrilled to be a new Featured Ensemble of Jeunesse Austria!

OPUS KLASSIK nominations

We are very happy to share with you some exciting news. Our new CD “East West” released with Hänssler Klassik, is nominated for OPUS KLASSIK in two categories: “Kammermusik” and “Klassik ohne Grenzen”.


We are thrilled to receive SUPERSONIC AWARD of the Pizzicato Magazine for our new CD “Eats West” released recently by Hänssler Classic.

This CD is overflowing with great music, be it virtuosic or atmospheric. The Polish saxophonist Michal Knot and the Serbian accordionist Bogdan Laketic have been playing in the duo Aliada since 2013. I had heard them live at the Alpenarte Festival in 2017 and was thrilled by their performance then. Their new CD confirms the impressions of that time. First of all, lets point out the quality of the transcriptions, which always preserve, if not enhance, the substance of the music and its genuine character, making the most of the potentials of the two instruments. This is not showy, but honestly felt, unpretentious music-making at the highest level. There are virtuoso pieces on this CD such as Stravinsky’s Danse Russe or Grieg’s March of the Trolls, Gershwin’s Allegro ben ritmato e deciso as well as Fascinating Rhythm or Milhaud’s Scaramouche, in which the Duo Aliada shows a stupendous technical mastery, fascinating in the verve and the light suppleness of the immensely refined playing. But almost more inspiring are the atmospheric quieter pieces like the Scandinavian traditional Drømte mig en drøm i nat (I had a dream tonight), Gershwin’s Andante con moto, or Copland’s Embittered, in which emotional cantabile mixes with an art of color blending and a mastery of dynamic nuances that not only fascinates but goes straight to the heart. And then such pieces as Polska, based on a Scandinavian traditional, or the two traditional Balkan songs, refine the original material in an unexpected way and, with much rhythmic and colorful differentiation, lead to wonderful musical experiences. In such a technically challenging piece as Coffin Ship by Tomasz Skweres, the two musicians prove their ability to deal with contemporary music and let such music become ravishingly musical. And so we have here a very attractive high-quality CD, which I can emphatically recommend.

Remy Franck

Diese CD quillt über von toll gespielter Musik, sei sie nun virtuos oder tonmalerisch-stimmungsvoll. Der polnische Saxophonist Michal Knot und der serbische Akkordeonist Bogdan Laketic spielen seit 2013 im Duo Aliada. Ich hatte sie 2017 live beim Alpenarte-Festival erlebt und war damals begeistert von ihrem Auftritt. Ihre neue CD bestätigt die Eindrücke von damals.

Zunächst muss auf die Qualität der Transkriptionen hingewiesen werden, die stets die Substanz der Musik und ihren genuinen Charakter wahren, wenn nicht sogar verstärken und dabei die Stärken der beiden Instrumente optimal ausnutzen. Das ist kein Show-Musizieren, sondern ehrlich empfundenes, unprätentiöses Musizieren auf höchstem Niveau.

Es gibt auf dieser CD virtuose Stücke wie Stravinskys Danse Russe, Griegs Zug der Zwerge (March of the Trolls), Gershwins Allegro ben ritmato e deciso sowie Fascinating Rythm oder Milhauds Scaramouche, in denen das Duo Aliada eine stupende technische Beherrschung der Instrumente zeigt, faszinierend im Elan und der leichten Geschmeidigkeit des ungemein raffinierten Spiels.

Aber fast mehr noch begeistern die stimmungsvollen ruhigeren Stücke wie das skandinavische Traditional Drømte mig en drøm i nat (Ich hatte einen Traum heute Nacht), Gershwins Andante con moto oder Coplands Embittered, in denen sich emotionale Kantabilität mit einer Kunst der Farbmischung und einer Meisterschaft in dynamischen Nuancen mischt, die nicht nur fasziniert, sondern direkt zu Herzen geht.

Und dann fallen solche Stücke auf wie die auf einem skandinavischen Traditional beruhende Polska oder die beiden traditionellen Balkan-Lieder, die das ursprüngliche Material in ungeahnter Weise veredeln und mit viel rhythmischer und farblicher Differenzierung zu wunderbaren musikalischen Erlebnissen führen.

Wie die beiden Musiker mit zeitgenössischer Musik umgehen können, wie sie ein technisch so herausforderndes Stück wie Coffin Ship von Tomasz Skweres spielen, zeigt ihre Überlegenheit, auch eine solche Musik hinreißend musikalisch werden zu lassen.

Und so haben wir es denn hier mit einer sehr attraktiven und hochwertigen CD zu tun, die ich nachdrücklich empfehlen kann.

Remy Franck

New CD "East West" released by Hänssler Classic

Duo Aliada is known for their creative approach to adapting classical repertoire for their own instruments. Polish saxophonist Michał Knot and Serbian accordionist Bogdan Laketic formed the duo in 2013 in Vienna, a city whose rich musical tradition reflects its history as a crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe. The following years brought Michal and Bogdan to performances around the world, and into contact with various cultures and musical traditions. This wide range of experiences, beginning all the way back with their childhoods in Eastern Europe, is a major source of inspiration for their music making and for this album.

‘EAST WEST’ explores musical landscapes from the European and American parts of the globe, resulting in a kind of travel journal that begins in Eastern Europe and then travels westward. At the center of the album is Coffin Ship, a new composition dedicated to all of the migrants who paid the ultimate price in search of a better life.

Duo Aliada ist für seine kreativen Adaptionen des klassischen Repertoires für seine Instrumente bekannt. Der polnische Saxophonist Michał Knot und der serbische Akkordeonist Bogdan Laketic gründeten das Duo 2013 in Wien, jener Stadt, deren reiche musikalische Tradition ihre Rolle als Kreuzungspunkt zwischen Ost- und Westeuropa spiegelt. Seitdem sind Michal und Bogdan weltweit aufgetreten und mit vielerlei Kulturen und musikalischen Ausdrucksweisen in Kontakt gekommen. Diese weitgespannten Erfahrungen sind ebenso eine Inspirationsquelle für ihre Musik und dieses Album wie ihre Kindheit in Osteuropa.

 ‘EAST WEST’ erforscht musikalische Landschaften Europas und Amerikas. Das Album ist eine Art Reisetagebuch, das in Osteuropa beginnt und sich dann westwärts bewegt. Sein Angelpunkt ist Coffin Ship, eine für Duo Aliada geschaffene Komposition, gewidmet all den Migranten, die für die Suche nach einem besseren Leben den extremsten Preis zahlen mussten. 






Concert review from Sinfonieorchester Liechtenstein



18.01.2021 –

Als der Belgier Adolphe Sax im Jahre 1840 ein neuartiges Instrument auf den Markt brachte, welches klanglich zwischen dem wärmend-biegsamen Ton der Klarinette und dem eher durchdringenden, näselnden Sound der Oboe liegen sollte, hatte er durchaus den Einsatz seines neuen Instruments in klassischen Sinfonieorchestern im Sinn. Wie wir mittlerweile wissen, konnte sich das Saxofon im Orchester nie durchsetzen, sondern erlebte seinen grossen Aufschwung erst im auf kommenden New-Orleans-Jazz an der Wende zum 20. Jahrhundert und später im Umfeld von Pop, Rock und Tanzmusik. Und dass das Akkordeon auch jenseits der Volksmusik ein ernsthaftes Instrument sein kann, wissen wir auch erst seit den gewissenhaften Versuchen eines Astor Piazzolla, den Tango zu einer Kunstform für die Konzertsäle zu erheben.

Aber genau mit dem Ziel, die überraschend vielfältigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten dieser zwei eher randständigen Instrumente auch in die Mitte der Klassik zu rücken, taten sich der polnische Saxofonist Michał  Knot und der serbische Akkordeonist Bogdan Laketić anno 2013 in ihrem gemeinsamen Wahllebensort Wien zum Duo Aliada – spanisch für Allianz – zusammen. Mit eigenen Arrangements klassischer und moderner Werke vom 17. bis zum 20. Jahrhundert bringen sie in ihrer ungewöhnlichen Besetzung seither neue Klangnuancen  auf die Bühne, und sie können mittlerweile auch auf etwa zehn Werke verweisen, die von verschiedenen Komponisten eigens für ihr Duo verfasst wurden. West-östliche Dialoge Für ihre sonntägliche Erlebe-SOL Konzertmatinee hatte das Duo einen bunten Mix aus klassischen und modernen Stücken mitgebracht, der nicht nur Brücken zwischen Barock und Zeitgenössischem, sondern auch zwischen europäischen und amerikanischen Komponisten schlagen sollte.

Erstaunlich, mit welch selbstverständlicher Eleganz man als Zuhörer zum Auftakt einige Auszüge aus J.  S. Bachs Goldberg-Variationen serviert bekam, als hätte der Barockmeister sein Werk tatsächlich für die zu seiner Zeit noch gar nicht bekannten Instrumente Sopransaxofon und Akkordeon komponiert. Dazu  verstand  es  Michał  Knot  aber  auch,  seinem Sopransaxofon eine oboenhaft leichte Tonlinie zu  entlocken, während  Bogdan  Laketić  am  Akkordeon elegant alles zwischen  Generalbass und Melodie zu  erzeugen wusste, was man sonst nur von einem Klavier  oder  einer  Orgel  erwarten  würde. Schwungvoll folgte ein russischer Tanz aus Igor Strawinskys BalIm Erlebe-SOL-Livestream-Konzert bewies  das Duo Aliada  seine Qualitäten.

 Eine besondere Entdeckung bildeten  die  beiden nordischen Volksweisen  «Drømte mig en  drøm» und «Polska von Dorotea»  und  dann die  bildhaft  dicht  gesetzte Komposition  «Das  Sargschiff», welches der polnische Komponist und Cellist Tomasz Skweres vor zwei Jahren  für das Duo Aliada  verfasst hatte. In diesem Stück setzt Skweres ein dramatisches Memento für das triste Schicksal der irischen Hunger- und Armutsauswanderer des 19. Jahrhunderts, die sich mit teils abgewrackten Schiffen nach Amerika aufmachten, wobei etliche dieser Schiffe ihr Ziel nie erreichten. Wer sich hier an die verzweifelten Schicksale der heutigen Mittelmeer-Bootsflüchtlinge erinnert fühlt, dürfte nicht ganz daneben liegen.

Aaron Coplands Drei Stimmungen – «Verbittert», «Wehmütig» und «Jazzig»  – setzten anschließend ebenso farbige Gefühlsakzente wie George Gershwins Drei Präludien. Gerade diese beiden Komponisten setzen ihr amerikanisches Idiom an der Kreuzung zwischen klassischen Ambitionen und  moderner  Unterhaltungsmusik. Arturo Márquez’ kubanisches «Danzón Nr. 2» schliesslich  wurde 2007 im  europäischen  und amerikanischen  Tourneeprogramm  des  «Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venuzuela»  unter der Leitung von Gustavo Dudamel zu einem bekannten Welthit.

Das Duo Aliada verstand es, mit seiner schwungvollen Interpretation auch zu zweit ein orchestrales Gefühl im Vaduzer Rathaussaal zu erzeugen, dem garantiert ein langanhaltender Applaus eines grossen Publikums gefolgt wäre, hätte man Publikum im Saal zulassen dürfen. Aber wie sagte SOL-Präsident Ernst Walch am Beginn der Livestream Übertragung: «Wir spielen trotz Corona – weil Musik lebenswichtig ist.»Das Duo Aliada bewies es aufs Schönste.

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Two concerts at the Kissinger Sommer

It was an intense concert weekend with two performances at the Kissinger Sommer. Saturday we played our program East West in beautiful Regentenbau and next day a jazzy “Roaring twenties” during Matinée concert in Kurgarten.

Read concert reviews from both concerts by
Photos by Julia Milberger

Debut in the Szczecin Philharmonic

It was a huge honor to debut in Szczecin Philharmonic – an architectural wonder in northern Poland. The concert was part of the 12. Szczecin Saxophone Festival organized by Prof. Dariusz Samol.

Moosbrand "Literatur und Musikfest" in Nantesbuch

On Sunday, September the 20th Duo Aliada performed at the Moosbrand Literatur- und Musikfest in Nantesbuch. We had a great opportunity to visit and play at the premises of the wonderful Stiftung Nantesbuch, which is beautifully surrounded by nature.

Photos by Thomas Dashuber

Start of the season at the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival

We inaugurated our new concert season with four mini concerts, as part of the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival: Sommer der Möglichkeiten.

It was a very unusual stage – a village themed wagon dragged by a old timer tractor. The mobile stage visited four towns in Schleswig-Holstein region and because of that we had a possibility to play for hundreds of people who gathered at the squares.

We are looking very much forward to be back at the SHMF one day!

Back on stage!

Finally back on stage!

After playing our last concert on the day before all the concert halls in Austria closed down, we waited for more than 3 months to perform on the stage again. It was time of hard work and some exciting online collaborations but nothing is better than playing for the live audience.

On Saturday 4th of July we had a wonderful opportunity to perform in Erfurt, Germany, at the 20FF fast forward festival (Thüringer Bachwochen), alongside such wonderful as Avi Avital, Cameron Carpenter and David Orlowsky in the festival line-up. The energy was simply explosive! God, how much we love to play music, connect with the audience and have fun on stage! Thank you Erfurt!

Without music, life would be a mistake

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, we have to accept the cancellation of all the remaining performances of this season. We played a concert on the 10th of March 2020 in Klagenfurt Musikverein, which was literally one of the last music events in Austria before the lockdown. We could never imagine it will be our last live performance of the season.

We are particularly disappointed because the second part of the 2019/20 season was supposed to be the best period of our career so far. Something we and our management have been working on for a long time. We were looking so much forward to play at some of the most important events including Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, Grafenegg Festival, Brandenburgische Sommer, Kissinger Sommer, MiTo SettembreMusica, Zurich International Saxfest, Wege durch das Land and such venues as: Berlin Konzerthaus, Residenz München, Kloster Speinshart and remeining part of our 2019/20 Jeunesse Tour including long-awaited Austrian premiere of our version of Goldberg Variations.

Obviously the regret is huge but it will not kill our spirit and our motivation to go on working harder than ever. In fact during these two months in lock-down, we’ve experimented with rehearsing, recording and streaming online using Soundjack – a low-latency software developed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Carôt from the University of Halle/Wittenberg. It allowed us to continue playing together even if separated. As a result we got few inquires to record real-time concerts from such entities as Karajan Institute and Magenta TV.

We’ve also created a tutorial of how to use Soundjack, which can be very helpful to all the musicians affected by the COVID-19 restrictions.

After seeing our recordings created with help of the Soundjack, its creator – Prof. Carôt has written:

“(…) most players using Soundjack are either rock, pop or jazz musicians. Classical music did not have such an important impact. With Duo Aliada this totally changes and from my point of view, I’d compare it to our past collaboration with Jamie Cullum – really awesome job – congratulations!”

And we would like to say many thanks to Prof. Carôt for creating the Soundjack. It allowed us to continue our work through this very dark times!

Now, after nearly two months of the lockdown, the life in Austria starts to go back to normal. We are one of the first countries which seem to have won the bottle with the virus. This unfortunately doesn’t change the situation for musicians. The concerts remain cancelled and we still don’t know when it will be allowed to play for live audiences again.

The positive outcome of this horrible situation is that it really makes you understand what is the most important thing in your life. And for us is to play music. We love it, we miss it and we can’t wait to be on stage again. Not even one note will be played in the same way as before. We will cherish every little musical moment and we will be even more grateful for being lucky to call ourselves – musicians.



“Without music, life would be a mistake.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Collaboration with Karajan Institute

During these very dark period, sometimes there are things which make you think positively. One of these things was for sure our recent collaboration with Karajan Institute.

As a part of joined venture of Karajan Institute and Magenta TV, we’ve recorded a half an hour, moderated concert, which was broadcast for Magenta TV viewers. We used Soundjack software to play real-time from two different locations, without delays. The program included music bay Bach, Grieg, Gershwin and some traditional Scandinavian and Balkan tunes. After two months of exclusivity period we will be able to post this recording here on our website.

Wishing you all the best from our lock-downs in Vienna,
Michal and Bogdan

East West Recording Session

We’ve completed recording material for our new CD “East West”. It was great to work with fantastic sound engineer Martin Klebahn who captured wonderfully our sound in the Wiener Musikverein. We can’t wait for the release!

Wiener Philharmoniker Ball

Also this year we had the opportunity to perform at the annual Wiener Philharmoniker Ball in Wiener Musikverein. It was great to share the stage with many wonderful musicians. An unforgettable (and very long) night!

Jeunesse Tour 2020

Our strong collaboration with Jeunesse is continuing also this season with eight concerts in whole Austria, and the tour highlight – “Goldberg Variations” – a monumental composition, which we arranged and premiered in Budapest, in October 2019.

Duo Aliada & Jenuesse in 2020

- GOLDEGG · Schloss Goldegg
- ST. JOHANN · Alte Gerberei
- ST. LAMBRECHT · Stift St. Lambrecht
- LUNGAU (AT) · SchulKulturSaal
- VIENNA (AT) · Musikverein
- KLAGENFURT (AT) · Konzerthaus Mozart Saal
- VIENNA (AT) · Casino Baumgarten
- INNSBRUCK (AT) · Konzertsaal Tiroler Konservatorium

Duo Aliada wins Austrian Musikfonds Prize

We are delighted to announce that we won the Österreichischer Musikfonds prize to record our new CD "East West". Our new album will be recorded in Wiener Musikverein (Gläsernersaal) in February!

Goldberg Premiere in Budapest

We had an enormous pleasure to premiere our new project “Goldberg Variations” in Budapest. It was perhaps the most challenging thing we ever did. This monumental composition by J. S. Bach requires 100% focus for approx. 70 minutes and we are very happy, that our version was received so well. Thank you Budapest!

Czech Republic debut and concert review

Review by Kristýna Šrámková from, after our concert at the Za poklady Broumovska last Saturday in Sonov, Czech Republic.


“The variety of colors and expressions of both players was as rich as it was an entire orchestra of instruments and performers to play during this concert.”

“The energy and the virtuosity of both players was impressive and certainly first-class”

“Their interpretations were full of vividness, dynamism and pure musicality”


full article:…/1823-nevsedni-spojeni-v-nevsed…
photos by Michal Sedláček

Duo Aliada in New Mexico (USA)

During June 19th to 26th Duo Aliada visited New Mexico (USA), precisely Abiquiu Chamber Music and Anderson Contemporary Museum in Roswell. Besides great artistic experiences, we had opportunity to meet to wonderful people and start new friendships. We are looking forward to being back in New Mexico in 2021!

Concert at the MuseumsQuartier Vienna

Playing in our hometown is always very special. This time we had occasion to present our “East West” project on the open-air stage at one of the most popular spots in the town – MuseumsQuartier. Our performance was part of the concert series – “Sommer im MQ 2019”.

Concert in Haydn's house

We had a lot of fun performing together with our friends from Duo Arcord on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the “Haydn Geburtshaus” in Rohrau, Austria. It was quite surreal experience to play in the place Joseph and Michael Haydn were born. Wonderful place and fantastic audience transmitting so much energy on to the stage!

Photos by Niklas Schnaubelt
Click here to watch full gallery of this event

New project: Aliada + Orchestra

Very recently Duo Aliada started a new orchestral project. For the first time we had a great opportunity to play with large ensemble and rediscover one of the major baroque compositions. Together with Ensemble Neue Streicher and Michael Zehetner, we performed our experimental arrangement of G.F. Händel’s Concerto Grosso op 6/12. Three repeated concerts took place in beautiful churches of Vienna and Klosteneuburg.

Kling Klang in Musikverein

Back again in Wiener Musikverein! This time we played a series of educational concerts titled “Eine Reise über den Himmel”  (“A journey above the sky”), together with Hanne Muthspiel-Payer and Josef Semeleder. Always so much fun playing for the little ones!

Aliada joins BT ARTS

We are thrilled to announce that Duo Aliada has signed with Berlin-based BT ARTS, as General Management. Aliada is joining there such artists as Calefax Quintet, Christoph Sietzen, David Orlowsky and others. Next season is shaping up with exciting things! Stay tuned!

Aliada performing at the Wiener Philharmoniker Ball

In January 2019 Duo Aliada was be back in Musikverein, this time to be be a part of an iconic event – Wiener Philharmoniker Ball. It was our dream since always to play at this legendary ball with such a long tradition. We were also very excited to share the stage with outstanding musicians such as Janoska Ensemble, BartolomeyBittmann, Thomas Gansch, Yury Revich and others.

We are looking forward to play again at the Wiener Philharmoniker Ball once again in January 2020!

Festival in Warsaw

After their performances at World Saxophone Congress in Strasbourg and Vienna Saxfest, Duo Aliada was part of an important saxophone event – Polish Saxophone Congress in Chopin University of Music (Warsaw).

We were very happy to present Coffin Ship to the audience, a piece dedicated and written for us in early 2018 by Polish/Austrian composer – Tomasz Skweres.


As Grand Prix winners of the Fidelio Wettbewerb, Aliada had a wonderful opportunity to share the stage of the Ligeti Hall in Graz with virtuoso pianist – Dina Ivanova. A part of our concert program “East West”, we also performed together with Dina, in an unusual trio consisting of saxophone, accordion and piano. It was great fun to arrange and play Three Preludes by Gershwin and Russian Dance by Stravinsky with her. Two concerts with identical program were held on 3rd and 4th of October within the “!Ausgezeichnet!” concert series organised by Kunst Universität Graz.

Performance at the Podium Festival Mödling

Duo Aliada had wonderful opportunity to play at the PODIM festival Mödling – a chamber music festival organised by our Andreas Vierziger. We performed works by Händel and Vivaldi at the opening concert “Mutation, Barocke Strukturen”.

Duo Aliada at the Puplinge Clasique Festival in Geneve

On August 18th 2018 Duo Aliada played for the first time at the Puplinge Clasique Festival in Geneve.

We presented pieces by E. Grieg, I. Stravinsky, T. Skweres, B. Bartok and others. This very lively Swiss festival is organised by pianist François-Xavier Poizat and his team.

Olive Classic Festival, concert with Petrit Çeku and others

In August 2018, we had an amazing time at the first edition of Olive Classic Festival organised by Dražen and Sara Domjanić. We played during two concerts on the stage placed right in the middle of ancient olive garden on the Pag island, Croatia. Sharing this unusual but beautiful stage with great musicians such as Petrit Cecku and many others was an unforgettable experience. Thank you Olive Classic Festival!

New concert review from Westfälische Nachrichten

Folkloristisch beeinflusste Kammermusik in der Mühle

Konzertrezension von Martin Borck (Westfälische Nachrichten)

Epe – Das leise Rauschen der Dinkel im Hintergrund, der Sommerwind, der sich am Donnerstagabend recht böig zeigte, das im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes kammermusikalische Ambiente in der Mühle – die Rahmenbedingungen stimmten beim Auftritt des Duos Aliada.

Michał Knot (Saxofon) und Bogdan Laketić „Coffin Ship“ stellte als erstes Stück nach der Pause auch einen musikalisch-geografischen Übergang dar zwischen dem ersten Teil mit Kompositionen vorwiegend aus Ost-Europa und dem zweiten mit Musik aus Nord-Amerika. Beiden Teilen waren die folkloristischen Einflüsse gemein.

Béla Bartók war von Volksmusik fasziniert. Davon zeugen auch die „Rumänischen Volkstänze“, in die er die ruralen Rhythmen und Melodien aufgreift. Das Duo Aliada verlieh mit seinen Bearbeitungen den turbulenten Tänzen urtümlich-authentischen Schwung.
Da außerordentlich wenig Originalkompositionen für die Besetzung Saxofon/Akkordeon existieren, haben die beiden Musiker viele Stücke neu arrangiert. Strawinskys „Russischen Tanz“ aus „Petruschka“ zum Beispiel. Den hatte der Komponist für den Meister-Pianisten Vladimir Horowitz umgeschrieben. Diese Bearbeitung war wiederum Grundlage für das Arrangement von Aliada. „Selbst für vier Hände ist das immer noch technisch sehr anspruchsvoll“, zollte Laketic dem Pianisten Respekt. Ein Anspruch, dem die Musiker virtuos gerecht wurden.

Bei Griegs „Lyrischen Stücken“ ließen die Musiker das Wasser akustisch im „Bächlein“ perlen, sprudeln, über Stock und Stein fließen. Die „Melodie“ schlug einen Bogen von zart bis drängend, während der „Zug der Trolle“ einen keckernden, frech übereinander purzelnden Haufen dieser nordischen Wichte präsentierte – die erst nach einem Machtwort in einem gesitteten Zug weiterziehen.

Die beiden Musiker stellten den Zuhörern (hierzulande) weniger bekannte Komponisten vor. Die Tanzvorspiele des Polen Witold Lutosławskis erwiesen sich als kleine Klangperlen. Vlastimir Pavlovics „Žikino Kolo“ – ein Tanz aus Südserbien – versprühte das Temperament des Balkans. Die beiden Interpreten verstehen sich fast blind – was in der dynamischen Improvisation zum Ausdruck kam, die das Stück einleitete.

Auch jenseits des großen Teichs gibt es einen unerschöpflichen Vorrat an Tonmaterial. Preludes von Gershwin, die vom Jazz beeinflusst sind, sowie kleine Szenen, die Chick Corea in seinen „Children Songs“ eingefangen hat und deren schöne Schlichtheit in der Fassung für Akkordeon und Saxofon ausgezeichnet zur Geltung kam. Südländisches Flair spritzte beim stolzen „Danzón“ von Arturo Márquez aus den Instrumenten. Die Zuhörer in der voll besetzten Mühle erklatschten sich eine kurze Piazolla-Zugabe, bevor der anregend-musikalische Sommerabend zu Ende ging.

“Folkloristisch beeinflusste Kammermusik in der Mühle” – Martin Borck (Westfälische Nachrichten)

Tour in Serbia

Duo Aliada has played two concerts in Serbia at the Eufonija Fest in Novi Sad and Convivum Music Festival in Kragujevac. Here you can see few photos from these performances in Serbia.

Friday Nights with Yury Revich

Duo Aliada has played in cooperation with the star-violinist Yury Revich, this time at his event in Semper Depot in Vienna, in the context of his Friday Nights concert series.

Laureate of the M-Prize Competition!

Duo Aliada is extremely happy to win 3rd Prize at the M-Prize Chamber Music Competition 2018 in Ann Arbor, MI (USA). The competition is organised by the University of Michigan and is considered to be one of the most important chamber music events in the world with main prize reaching astonishing 100.000 $. Congratulations to all prize winners. It was a great time in Michigan!

"East West" premiere in Wiener Musikverein

On the 20th of April 2018 Duo Aliada played their second Wiener Musikverein concert, this time premiering a new concert program “EastWest”. Besides presenting works by Lutoslawski, Grieg, Stravinsky, Gershwin they premiered “Coffin ship” – a work written and dedicated to Duo Aliada by austrian-polish composer Tomasz Skweres. 


Radio Klassik Interview

Aliada was guest on Radio Klassik – one of the leading Austrian radio dedicated to classical music. During interview with Arabella Fenyves Aliada speaks about their new project “EastWest”, which will be premiered in Musikverein Wien on April 20th 2018. 

Archived recording of this interview is available here

Duo Aliada at the Alpenarte Festival

Aliada performed during three concerts at the Alpenarte Festival in Schwarzenberg, Austria. They shared the stage with festival’s “artist in residence”, violinist Yury Revich, as well as other outstanding musicians, such as violinist Sara Domjanic, cellist Jacob Shaw, pianist François-Xavier Poizat, pianist Levon Avagyan, violist Timothy Ridout and cellist Benedict Kloeckner among the others.

Aliada in Japan

On 18th and 19th of February 2017, Duo Aliada played two sold out concerts in Japan, in Katsushika Symphony Hills in Tokyo and Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater on famous Mount Fuji. They also presented their Edu Aliada show to very enthusiastic children in Tokyo.

Duo Aliada in Mexiko

Duo Aliada played for the first time in Mexiko on 21st of November 2016 at the Festival de Música de Morelia, one of the biggest classical music festivals in Mexiko. On the 22nd of November they played in Uruapan.

Aliada in Tonhalle Zürich

Yesterday evening, the Duo shared the stage of Tonhalle Zürich with some amazing musician: bass-baritone Ao Li, violinist Elea Nick and pianist Anna Tsybuleva. This concert, in cooperation with Musical Olympus Foundation was Duo’s debut in Tonhalle.

Concert in Acropolium de Carthage

Duo Aliada played sold-out concert in Acropolium de Carthage in Tunisia, making their debut on the African continent. The concert in this historic place happened because of the cooperation with Austrian Cultural Forum in Tunisia and Octobre musical de Carthage Festival.

North American Tour 2016

Duo Aliada is back from their maiden North-American tour. It was very challenging but rewarding experience. Concerts took place in Toronto (St. Andrews Church), Washington DC (Austrian Embassy) and New York (Carnegie Hall).

Now ready for next musical adventures. Direction Tunisia!



Carnegie Hall Debut

Duo Aliada had their Carnegie Hall debut on the 20th of October 2016 playing at the Musical Olympus Gala together with fantastic young artists such as Italian percussion star – Simone Rubino and American piano prodigy – Maxim Lando.


“It was truly wonderful experience to play for the first time in the legendary Carnegie Hall. I can say it was a dream which came true. Thank you very much Musical Olympus Foundation for inviting us!”
Bogdan Laketic


“I would like to thank Austrian Cultural Forum in New York for supporting this event and for hosting us in Manhattan for this few wonderful days. This concert at the Carnegie Hall is a wonderful ending to our first tour in America. We have played in Toronto and Washington, which was great but Carnegie Hall concert is one of these events we will remember forever”
Michal Knot


Debut in Kolarac, Belgrade

During Belgrade SAXperience 2016, Duo Aliada has made their debut in Serbia’s most renowned concert hall – Kolarac. The Duo also had a honour to share the stage with russian saxophone legend – Nikita Zimin.

Duo Aliada in Chile

Aliada had a very succesfull first visit to Chile. From 11th to 20th of August 2016 they played at the Chiloe Concertante Festival, Teatro Transoceanica in Santiago de Chile, and made their debut in Teatro Del Lago, Frutillar. They also presented their Edu Aliada project to the children in Frutillar and Ancud. Many thanks to the Austrian Embassy in Chile for supporting this tour!

Debut in Teatro Del Lago, Chile

Aliada made their debut in Teatro Del Lago in Frutillar, Chile on 14th of August 2016 in front of very enthusiastic chilean audience. The unique architecture of the venue, as well as its magical surroundings made this event a one of a kind experience for the Duo.

Playing in the European Parliament

As a representative of Austria, Aliada took part in European Arts Forum, held in Brussels on 26th of June 2016. The Forum was organized by the World Youth Alliance. Aliada made a short performance in the European Parliament, and Michal got to talk about topics related to human dignity.

Asian tour

Aliada has just completed their tour in Asia. The Duo has played in the Austrian residence in Kuala Lumpur, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore and Johor Bahru International Festival City, Malaysia. 

Russian debut in Hermitage Theatre

Aliada made their Russian debut on 1st of June in Hermitage Theatre in Saint Petersburg. Duo shared the stage of this wonderful venue with wonderful musicians such as guitarist Rovshan Mamedkuliev, and countertenor Timur Slanov. This was Duo’s first concert in cooperation with the Musical Olympus Foundation.

Poland tour came to an end

In cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Warsaw, Aliada has played five concerts in Poland (Nowy Sacz, Andrychow, Tarnow, Kielce and Warsaw). They also gave a masterclass to young and talented polish saxophonists and accordionists.

Aliada selected to the NASOM

Aliada was recently selected to the NASOM, a sponsorship platform of Austrian government.

The New Austrian Sound of Music – in short NASOM – is a long-term sponsorship program by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs (BMEIA), promoting young Austrian musicians for the fifth time in the two-year period 2016/2017.




The aim of NASOM is to offer support for international performances of promising young talents with the help of a global network of embassies, cultural forums and consulates.A further objective of NASOM is to draw more attention to the fact that Austrian music creation – beyond the traditional – is as vibrant, modern and culturally diverse as ever.The young artists accepted for this program were selected in cooperation with the organization mica – music information center austria and local music universities.Here once again, young emerging musicians from the genres classical, jazz, world, contemporary and pop music were chosen to participate in this sponsorship program.

Press release

Four concerts in Taiwan

Duo’s Taiwan tour finished after four concerts in European School in Taipei, Nantou Hall, Hsinchu Hall and Zhongli Hall. It was a wonderful cooperation with the Opus Music Arts concert agency. Many thanks to Stephanie, Maria and Maurice! You are such a great team together!

Two premiers during Vienna Saxfest 2016

On 15th of March, Aliada premiered two pieces written for them by great composers Frank Zabel („Verwerfungen“, for alto saxophone and accordion), and italian born Irene Malizia („misterHyde“, for alto saxophone and accordion). The pieces were performed in the hall of Alte Schmiede Kunstverein in the context of Vienna Saxfest 2016.

Aliada in Wiener Rathaus

On 3rd of December, Aliada played Vivaldi’s Concerto „La Notte“ and Bartok’s „Romanian Folk Dances“ in Wiener Rathaus. Such an inspiring place for a concert!

Wiener Musikverein debut

Duo Aliada had their CD release concert in Wiener Musikverein, Gläserner Saal on the 19th of November 2016 within the concert cycle “Young musicians”, presenting the pieces from their maiden concert program “New Colours of the Past”. 

Works by: Händel, Vivaldi, Grieg, Berg, Kaiser, Penderecki, Bartok, De Falla, Piazzolla  

ORF Ö1 Intrada Radio Interview

Portrait of Austrian musicians

Duo Aliada was enjoing their first ORF Ö1 Interview with Alexandra Faber. They spoke about their debut CD “New Colours of the Past”, “New Austrian Sound Of Music” artistic program, and their CD release concert in Musikverein Wien on 19th of November. They will be also extremely happy to present their program in ORF Radiokulturhaus in the beginning of 2017. 

More info

Recording session "New colours of the past"

Aliada has just finished recording material for their debut album “New colours of the past”, which will be released later this year with ARS Produktion. Recording session took place in Wuppertal (Germany). News about CD release coming soon!

Grand Prix at the 12. Fidelio Wettbewerb in Vienna

Duo Aliada is extremely happy to win 3rd Prize at the M-Prize Chamber Music Competition 2018 in Ann Arbor, MI (USA). The competition is organised by the University of Michigan and is considered to be one of the most important chamber music events in the world with main prize reaching astonishing 100.000 $. Congratulations to all prize winners. It was a great time in Michigan!